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Custom WordPress website

Custom WordPress website development 4450€ – Includes everything!

Custom made WordPress website made by your requirements with fixed price 4450€ includes all of your wildest dreams
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Custom WordPress website designed SEO first

What is the point of having a website if nobody can find it?

We make WordPress website that are designed to rank well in Google.

This means:

  • Your site scores over 90/100 points in Google’s mobile test. Do the test here.
  • Your site works on every device
  • The text content is optimized for important search terms
  • Your site has backlinks from other websites
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Hakukoneoptimointi Tapio Kauranen

Designed just for you

We use W3C accessability standards in all of the designs. This makes sure the website is usable by anyone and ranks well in Google
  • Each element has a considered purpose
  • No animations
  • Clear contrast between text and the background
  • Text divided with headlines and line spaces
  • Lots of lists
  • Each section contains a Call To Action

With these principles, you get a website that generates high-quality leads for your company and passes usability tests.

How Kansleri is different?

Thousands of WordPress developers. Why choose Kansleri?

Price is hidden and changes based on requirements Price is fixed 4450€ + VAT
You will get a complex offer including certain amount of pages and functions You get exactly the websites you need. Everything necessary is included in the price.

The price covers everything from website design to publication and user training.
Ei hakukoneoptimointia Websites are built from the ground up with search engine optimization in mind.

The technical implementation follows Google’s guidelines. We guide and modify the text content to be better for search engine optimization already in the planning stage
Slow loading speed Faster than 2,5 loading speed

Editing your new website is sooooo easy

No coding or previous experience in websites needed. All works with WordPress’s own Gutenberg editor.

See how easy it is to manage content is

Your site loads in less than 2,5 seconds

53% of visitors can’t wait more than 3 seconds for loading (source: Google).

We guarantee less than 2.5 second loading speed for your site on mobile and desktop.

The average mobile webpage takes 15.3 seconds to load.

Source: Google

People who have a negative experience on mobile are 62% less likely to make a future purchase — no matter how beautiful or data-driven your marketing campaigns are.

Source: Google

1s delay in mobile load times can impact mobile conversions by up to 20%.

Source: Google

Our Kansleri Starter theme is behind everything

More than 1000 hours went to develop our custom starter theme. And it’s crazy simple!
  • Crazy light (CSS is only 50kb) – Using Bootstrap Grid
  • Always gets >90/100 points in Google PageSpeed mobile test
  • Developer friendly. Everything is well documented and easy to understand. Made with best practises in mind.
  • No need for updates. The theme will update along with the WordPress core.

Why would you choose Kansleri?

Thousands of other WordPress developers. Why would you choose us?

Price and quality ratio

Every process and task is optimized for efficiency. You will get high quality work with a reasonable price because every step of our work process has been optimized for efficiency.

You own everything

All of the work that we do is owned by you. This might sounds like a no-brainer but there are some agencies out there who are not so fair. You will get full access to every tool and account we start for you.

Let’s not get married

You can stop or take a break from our service anytime you want. The most important thing for us is happy clients and win-win deals.

Weekly meetings

All our services include a weekly (or bi-weekly if you prefer that) meeting online. We will check how has the marketing doing in the last 7 days and what will be the tasks for the next 7 days for us. We think it’s important that both parties are constantly aware on what is happening with the digital marketing.

Over 10 years of digital marketing experience

Tapio (one of the owners) started his digital marketing career in 2012 by freelancing. Olha started in 2018 and Juho 2015. Together we have more than 20 years worth of experience.

8 years of WordPress

Tapio (the WordPress specialist) has been coding WordPress websites from scratch since 2016. Tapios freelancing experience with the biggest ad agencies of Finland provided inside look for high quality website development.

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