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Digital marketing pricing

Digital marketing pricing

Buying digital marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. With Kansleri, the pricing is fixed and clear for both parties.
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Our pricing

Managing one marketing channel 715€/m or all channels 1650€/m.

Media budget is not included
  • Managing only one marketing channel such as Google or Meta costs 715€/m
  • Or if you want to outsource all of your digital marketing (every channel) then the price is 1650€/m

The price does not include the media budget. Media expenses are charged directly from your card without Chancellor acting as an intermediary.

Read below for more details on what the services include, or contact us immediately.

*What is a platform? A platform refers to an advertising platform. For example, Google’s paid ads are managed through Google Ads. The Google Ads platform also includes YouTube and banner advertising. Meta’s platform, on the other hand, includes Facebook, as well as Instagram.

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Kansleri vs. others

We have worked hard to make our services as clear and fair as possible for both of us. The prices and what they include are public and straightforward. With us, there is no need to agree on fixed-term contracts.

Others Kansleri
All prices are hidden.

No actions have been pre-planned, and obtaining a quote takes time.
All services have been productized into clear packages:

One platform €715/month
All platforms €1650/month
You are required to commit to the service for months. No commitment. Stop or take a break at any time.
Requesting a quote has been made difficult. You know the price and the content of the service even before contacting us.
References are missing All references are public

Google-certified digital expert at your service.

we can assist your company with building and maintaining WordPress websites, as well as in search engine optimization and Google advertising.
  • We have completed the required certification tests
  • Our clients spend at least $10,000 / 90 days
  • Over 70% of our clients achieve better than average results with Google advertising.
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